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From aviation lights to the best flashlights on the market, LED Torches has a fantastic assortment of choices and brands for any torch type. To ensure that you are getting only the highest quality products, we have compiled a catalog of the best in outdoor and indoor lighting devices. Whether you are a budding explorer, or just looking to prepare yourself for those "what if" moments, we are sure to have a rechargeable torch, flashlight or lantern to suit your specifications.

Torch Type

  • Bike Lights

    Bike Lights (4)

  • Charger / Batteries

    Charger / Batteries (5)

    After finding the best flashlight and trekking out into the forest, a dead battery can truly leave you in the dark. Rechargeable batteries are a fantastic way to stay prepared for all the unplanned problems and possibilities that life can throw at you without warning. Ensuring that you always have a battery charger and rechargeable batteries on hand offers benefits beyond staying well lit, and it's always comforting to know that you will have power when you need it. Here at LED Torches, our range of battery packs, batteries and accessories are specifically suited to our wide variety of flashlights, torches and lanterns, because we know the power that comes from peace of mind. Scroll through our charger and battery options below, to see which choice best suits your requirements.
  • General Purpose

    General Purpose (33)

  • Gun Light

    Gun Light (8)

    An integral staple of hunting accessories, the gun light is a necessity for anyone hoping to hit the mark every time. Our wide gun torch range has a plethora of lightweight styles and builds, to ensure that you will find the perfect fit for your firearm. There is a surplus of shooting supplies to be found, however a well-built, durable gun light is by far the most important part of any light-artillery arsenal. Browse our extensive range of gun-ready LED torches and flashlights, and get the right stuff for your roscoe.
  • Head Light

    Head Light (11)

    Are you planning a spelunking trip, or just hoping to go into your next adventure unencumbered? Well, for those of us that like to stay hands-on when it comes to their exploration and domestic tasks, we're here to help.


    As our name suggests, at LED Torches, we believe that the best head torch is an LED head torch. So, we have compiled a list of our top picks for LED headlights, LED head torches, and head torch varieties; taking the guesswork out of your next exploration accessory.


    Each of our LED headlights is lightweight, durable, and achieves a remarkable amount of power. Plus, this is achieved without your head torch becoming uncomfortable or invasive. For those hoping to extend their travels, we have rechargeable options, ensuring that you are never stuck without a light at the end of the tunnel.


    To ensure that you have only the best when it comes to your LED head torches, we've brought together some of the world's leading LED brands. So, you can always be sure that you're getting the highest quality. To learn more, explore our LED head torches for yourself!

  • Keychain

    Keychain (7)

    Let's face it, while an LED torch is a fantastically useful thing to have with you, they are a bit too cumbersome to be keeping one on your person at all times. Luckily, for those looking for a little light, we have the answer. A keychain flashlight is the best way to stay prepared without the bulk. Compiling the best keychain flashlight options from a selection of well-respected brands, LED Torches is truly a one stop shop for the finest flashlights to fit in your front pocket. With a range of colours, builds and brands, you're sure to find a product to brighten your day.
  • Pen Light

    Pen Light (3)

    Looking for a gadget gift for the hardworking handyperson in your life? A well-made pen light is a staple accessory for any DIY arsenal. Our light pen varieties provide a simple, lightweight way to bolster your brightness while fitting snugly into your pocket. What they may lack in power compared to the best flashlight on the market, they make up for in convenience and maneuverability. Whether you're searching for a craft companion, or a dash of light when searching for your keys, we are sure to have the light pen for you.
  • Pocket Light

    Pocket Light (18)

    When you're starting a new project, you need the right tools for the job. A pocket flashlight is the perfect way to keep things light when you're on your feet. These pocket light products are durable, bright, and small enough to make the perfect crafting companion. With an impressive battery life (especially when coupled with some of our rechargeable batteries) and a range that can shed light up to 69 feet, you will never have any reason to be left in the dark.
  • Search Light

    Search Light (10)

  • Ultra Violet / IR / Green / Red / Blue Light

    Ultra Violet / IR / Green / Red / Blue Light (3)


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