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LED Headlamps

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Featured Headlamps - LED, Bright & Durable

LED Torches Australia stock a range of top line LED head torches. They work for every application including jogging, camping, hiking and any outdoor adventure. These powerful headlamps are all battery operated and USB rechargeable.

All of our headlamps are built with high-quality features to fulfil your lighting needs. Our head lights are durable and comfortable, which provides everything you need from running outdoors to working. With additional lighting modes, these high-functioning headlamps light up just about anything in your path. Our head torches will provide efficient lighting even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Rechargeable Headlamps

Are you tired of changing batteries? Then check out our range of rechargeable headlamps. Our USB rechargeable headlamps are designed to make your life easier while you're on the go. These head lights take a micro USB so that you can charge your headlamp the night before you set out for your morning jog or on the way to work. Gone are the days of finding new batteries to power these guys up. Utilise the convenience of recharging headlamps so you have a more reliable light source on hand.

Running Headlamps

When you're out there running you want a headlamp that is designed to fit you comfortably on your head while providing you with bright light. Our lightweight running headlamps will stay in place while you're running which includes several different lighting modes to suit any environment. Not only do our headlamps consist of bright lighting, but they're also equipped with emergency light modes to keep you safe at night.

LED Head Lights

Our range of LED head lights can handle all of your lighting needs. From running to campsite adventures, we have a headlamp to suit your environment. Our headlamps are designed to be the brightest, versatile and durable head torches on the market today. Packed with usability features, some of our LED headlamps come with detachable flashlights. These are ideal for your late-night walks or runs or even in extreme settings like hiking at night or caving. Our multi-function headlamps are built to withstand the toughest conditions and temperatures. Let our range of headlamps provide you with the best light source no matter where you are.

What is a headlamp used for?

A headlamp is a lighting source that is worn on the head. It is used to provide you with hands-free lighting for various activities including running, hiking, fishing, cycling, and other applications. Headlamps are used specifically in situations where you need to keep your hands free for other hands-on tasks while still being able to see in the dark. All headlights come in various designs, including rechargeable functionality and in different battery-powered models. Headlamps come with different brightness settings and beam patterns to suit different needs.

Whether it be for the daunting task of setting up a tent with no daylight, heading out for a night job or even conducting general maintenance we guarantee our headlamp will do the job.

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