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Search & Rescue

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High Quality Search & Rescue Flashlights

LED Torches Australia is one of Australia's leading retailers for a unique range of LED flashlights. We supply quality, powerful torches that we proudly provide to our courageous search and rescue personnel.

What to look out for in search rescue torches?

Here are a few key features to consider when exploring our collection of rescue torches:

Compact and Lightweight Design: In high-pressure rescue scenarios, carrying bulky equipment can be difficult to carry or use. That's why our collection includes compact and lightweight torch models that are easy to carry and won't take up much space in your gear bag or pocket.

Variety of Light Colours: Our rescue torches come with different light colours including white, red, and RGB colours. These options ensure you'll have the right illumination for various situations, whether you're operating in clear conditions or during heavy rain and fog.

Flexible Charging Options: We understand that every rescue scenario is different. Some of our models come with rechargeable batteries, while others use regular batteries. This flexibility ensures you can choose the torch that best fits your operational environment and logistical constraints.

Adjustable Focus Feature: To cater to diverse rescue needs, some of our torches are equipped with an adjustable focus feature. Whether you need a concentrated beam to inspect something closely or a flood beam to light up a large area, we've got you covered.

Multiple Light Modes: Our rescue torches offer a range of light modes, including S.O.S., strobe, and blinking, among others. These features make our torches versatile tools for varied rescue missions and emergency signalling needs.

In essence, our selection of rescue and search torches is designed to meet the unique demands of rescue operations, ensuring you have reliable and functional lighting tools at your disposal when you need them most.

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